Why the Apple Monitor Stand costs $1,000

apple monitor stand design

Recently, the world was shocked by Apple’s introduction of its new monitor stand for the Pro Display XDR monitor. This monitor costs a minimum of $4,999, but this version does not have a stand. And guess what? This stand costs a thousand US Dollars. Overpriced Apple products may not be surprising. We can’t ignore that it is a lot of money for a monitor stand. However, from an industrial-design point of view, the price of the monitor stand is not as surprising. Let’s dig into the intentions and specs…


Apple’s intention of the product design and development of the Pro Stand was offering (one of) the best monitors in the world. The Pro Stand is not designed for an average segment, but for people who or firms that are able to afford it. Especially, companies with sufficient financial resources might want to show off with this sophisticated product. Also, Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, works in one of the most well-known tech companies globally. To attain this position, he must be highly skilled. Therefore, he might have designed this monitor, just because he can. Plus, the budget is there.

Position adjustments

The stand makes any adjustment smoothly. For instance, if you intend to adjust the height, the tilt will remain exactly the same. The height-adjustment range is 12 centimeters and the screen can be rotated however you wish. 


There is a complex mechanism inside the part of the stand that controls position adjustments. It includes many screws and gears to control the movements of the two axes. As a result, it perfectly moves according to the intentions of the pressure you execute on it. This mechanism required sophisticated knowledge, tests and improvements to create the extremely user-friendly experience. In other words, it took time, effort and adequate (human) resources. These costs need to be covered in the selling price.

When we consider the intentions, specification and the mechanism that is necessary to make these seamless adjustments, it seems less surprising that the new Pro Stand costs $1,000. In addition, Apple gets away with it, because the have already obtained an enormous customer base. Other product design firms may be frowned upon, if the would make a move like this. Apple may be too, but does it really affect their sales? Yes, probably positively, because of all the attention this action receives.