How to make use of information within your organisation

Communication is one of the most well-known issues amongst people on the working floor. This miscommunication could lead to a bad outcome such as misinterpretations, conflicts amongst employees and high costs. Therefore, it is important for companies to communicate in an effective way so that knowledge can be shared. This blogs is about how companies can share knowledge in a way that miscommunication is avoided.

The culture of companies

Culture can have a huge impact in sharing information. Even though this effect is not big, there still is an effect. The culture of an organization is important. If there is a rigid and closed culture, this will influence employees communication. So we can conclude that corporate culture had an effect on communication and sharing information within an organization.


The second one is more technical. Besides the culture, a business systems could effectively influence the communication and the knowledge amongst employees. An example is bpm software, which could influence the optimization of business processes. When companies implement a solid platform, such as Bluedolphin, information is available amongst everyone in the organization which makes it easier to share knowledge. The enterprise architecture your company implements will provide more information about the IT components of the company and how they are related.

These systems could have a big impact in sharing information and really could make a difference.