The Best Financial Services Marketing from Encode

financial services marketing

My company deals with money markets and other financial complimentary services. People are unversed with what we do, so I enlisted the services of Encode to assist me reach out to more customers. Their financial services marketing model is simple, relatable and practical. Their strategy has significantly influenced the expansion of our brand and relationship with the market.

financial services marketing

The Planning: Understanding the Business and its Marketing Needs

Encode advised me to list down all my products, execution, responsibilities and production timelines. Employing this as a guideline, I assigned each activity a budget which helped in evaluating the business. Every marketing decision developed should conform to this structure. Furthermore, I brought in all the stakeholders and aligned them on the plan.

The Execution: Getting the Best from the Plan

After the approvals, the production team delivered the plan into financial services marketing materials for distribution. I ensured they adhered to compliance and marketing regulations. The content was published on our website, social media pages and affiliate marketing contractors. Customer service and sales team were on stand-by to respond to all questions. Since then, our customer base has increased exponentially.