IngrePol Glycereth-26

glycereth 26


Originating from the Asia Pacific, IngrePol Glycereth-26 is a non-ionic polyoxyethylene(26) Glyceryl Ether surfactant. This film former offers excellent lubricant and humectant services, leaving your skin looking fair and luxurious with no Greasy feel. IngrePol Glycereth-26 is a foam modifier, solubilizer, reliable dispersant, conditioning agent, and thickener for skin, sun, hair, and body upkeep products.

Its benefits

IngrePol Glycereth-26 offers several benefits to its users. First, it provides outstanding moisturizer and lubricant purposes to the skin. When used on the skin, it leaves you feeling lavish, smooth, and non-gluey. IngrePol Glycereth-26 is also used in various skin, body, hair, and sun care products; therefore, it is a trusted ingredient by multiple companies. This film former is also a non-ionic surfactant, making it a suitable ingredient in emulsifying oils. IngrePol Glycereth-26 also offers exceptional foaming abilities with viscosity modification.

glycereth 26

Product information

The International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) product’s name is Glycereth-26. Its chemical name is polyoxyethylene (26) Glyceryl Ether, with the HS code and CAS numbers being 3402.13 and 31694-55-0, respectively. This product comes in liquid form and is available for shipment within two weeks of making an order.

Application and purpose

This film former offers to condition, moisturize, lubricate, and soothe the skin or hair. It also acts as a dispersing agent, a humectant, and offers solubilizing. This ingredient can be used in body washes, moisturizers, hair conditioners, shampoos, shaving, and sun creams. It can also be used for soaps, hair colorant services, and sun and skin lotions. This product is similar to or equal to Jeechem GL-26, SanSol GL-26, and Gycereth-26.


IngrePol Glycereth-26 is packed in 220kg steel drums with a full pallet containing four drums totaling 880kg. A 20-foot container can package up to 20 pallets that convert to 17.6 metric tons. IngrePol Glycereth-26 is available for shipment within two weeks of ordering it.