Why You Should Consider Used Gearbox

Used generator set

Gearboxes are an essential component of any vehicle. They enable the driver to shift gears. In the unfortunate event that your gearbox becomes faulty, you will need to replace it immediately. This is where used a gearbox comes in handy. Used gearboxes are relatively cheap, hence a cost-saving option. Moreover, respected dealers provide a warranty.

Pool Trading Gearboxes

Pool trading is a reputable dealer of used gearboxes. They synchronize new stock with their EPR stock administration in real-time to avail the components immediately. As a buyer, you can easily filter the colossal transmissions by power range, brands, rpm and ratio.

Used generator set

Systematic Inspection

Pool trading team thoroughly inspects the gearboxes to ensure they meet high-quality industry standards. In fact, they make their purchases from professional users and respected suppliers. Beside systematic inspection, the team repairs and reconditions the spares to ensure they function optimally.

Pool trading has a top-notch customer support staff to provide practical and technical assurance, including handling formalities. Whether you have Volvo or caterpillar, they got you covered. Other brands include Deutz, Scania, Allison, Masson MWM, Twin Disc and MAN.

In a nutshell, Pool trading deals with a wide range of used gearboxes that range between 750 and 3000 RPM and from 77 to 2310 horsepower. Do not hesitate to reach their customer support for more information.