Why we all love Honda Goldwing

As a motorcycle enthusiast you must know the Honda Holdwing. Many motorcycle enthusiasts choose Honda for its solidity, power and comfort. Most motorcycles are for the ultimate enjoyment of free road riding without worrying. The Goldwing is Honda’s absolute showpiece and that’s why we love this brand so much. But what should you pay attention to before you get on the road with your motorcycle? We are happy to explain it to you.



Insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. That is why it is wise to close it before you hit the road. If you do not do this, you are not insured in an accident and then you can whistle for your money. In addition, you will also be picked off the road by the police if you are not insured. And I can assure you that you will get a hefty fine. In addition, you are not allowed to continue driving.


You should definitely not forget a motorcycle helmet before you hit the road. Besides being mandatory, it is absolutely not safe to drive without a helmet. The blows of the wind and your speed ensure that you also need the helmet to be able to counteract the throttle. The moment you have an accident, you can be sure that you will not survive without a helmet. Of course you have airbags in a car, but you don’t have them on your motorcycle.


Also make sure that your motorcycle is in optimal condition. If you need Honda GL1100 parts, it is advisable to repair them in time. You can think of checking your motorcycle or renewing your face plate. This way you ensure that your motorcycle is in the optimal condition.