5 Things to know when buying truck curtains

When navigating on endless roads, your truck’s cabin must be your sanctuary for some sanity on your travels. Think about it – it´s where you rest, think, and rejuvenate! This is where truck curtains come into play, giving great possibilities to style your cabin into a cozy, personal space. But how do you pick the perfect set? Let’s dive into some of the absolute essentials when it comes to selecting the right curtains for your homestead on the road.

1. Measuring up for the perfect fit

First things first, size matters! Before you start browsing, make sure you have the exact measurements of your truck’s windows. Ill-fitting curtains can be a absolute nuisance, either by blocking your view or failing to provide the necessary coverage and privacy.

2. Material matters

The fabric of your curtains plays a crucial role when thinking about functionality and durability. Look for materials that are not only easy on the eyes but also resilient to sunlight and easy to clean. The Dutch style truck curtains, known for their quality and durability, can be a great choice.

3. Style speaks volumes

Your truck is an extension of your personality. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of solid colors or the bold statement of patterns, your choice of curtains should reflect your personal style.

So, where to start looking for the right curtains? Truckjunkie offers a range of designs that can suit any taste!

4. Functionality is key

While style is important, it’s just as important to not overlook functionality. That’s why it’s important to not forget factors like light blocking for those daytime naps and insulation properties to keep your cab comfortable in the varying temperatures you might drive over the year.

5. Installation and maintenance

Finally, you probably want to consider curtains that are both easy to install and maintain. Be on the lookout for options that come with all the necessary fittings and are simple to set up. Also, consider how easy they are to take down for cleaning!